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Preamble:– Academic office is the mainstream of the College activities which provides strong academic leadership for the College.  This section of the College is required to lead, manage and develop the College academic calendar to ensure and achieve the highest possible standard of excellence that would make the College second to none in the comity of Federal Unity Colleges in the country.

The academic activities of the College revolves around the College core values –


 HARDWORK        INTEGRITY       EXCELLENCE                                                                                                                              

These three are embedded in the College vision and mission statement:

College Vision:-   To be an excellent academic and moral creative centre with a desire to challenge the ‘status quo’ in – what we do, How we teach and in the intellectual ambition of the school.

Mission Statement:-      To provide a conducive environment for the education of young Nigerians who will understand and contribute meaningfully to the progress of the rapidly changing community, nation and the world by developing, nation and the world by developing essential skills, morals and knowledge.

Academic office is the propelling force that drives both staff and students towards achieving the educational objectives of the nation as written in the National Policy on Education, to prepare the individual for :

(a)      Useful living within the society and for the purpose of Higher Education.

Federal Government College, Ogbomoso shall ensure that her Principles, plan and programmes are conducted in keeping with the National Philosophy of Education as well as the goals of Secondary education.

  • To provide students with relevant and learner centred education aimed at ensuring excellence for each of the students optional self development and fulfillment.
  • To instill in students a desire for lifelong learning.
  • To inculcate in students the value of sharing knowledge and skills as their own contribution to national and human development in accordance with the College motto – ‘Pro Unitate’ .
  • To collaborate with the school proprietor, parents and guardians in ensuring that the school rules which inculcate cooperation and national Unity are imbibed by all students and fully understood by all those who relate to the school.  Underlining the above is the pursuit of excellence for which the College is known.

Departments:-     The following departments were approved by National Educational                               Research and Development Council.

For ease of administrative management Languages was carved out of Humanities, while Mathematics and Computer was taken from Science and Mathematics Department.  Below are the list of the headship of each Department:

          Humanities                         -                  Mrs Adebanjo, J.O.

          Science                              -                  Mr Ishola, A.L.

          Technology                         -                  Mr Adesina, A.O.

          Business Studies               -                  Alh. Salaam Ayoade, M.

          Language                           -                  Mrs EniOlorunda, O.I.

          Mathematics/Computer      -                  Mr Osasona, E.O.


The College has the following numbers of staff/Pensionable tutorial staff are 121 which comprises of:   

Males                      -           69                      

Females                  -           52.

NYSC.                     -           19

Part time Teacher    -           21

The College is headed by a:-

Director/Principal                                     -        Mr Morakinyo, O.A.

Vice Principal (Special Duties)                -        Mr Ajagbe, A.J.            -        Deputy Director

Vice Principal ( Students Affair)              -        Mrs Eboareime, L.E.     -        Deputy Director

Vice Principal (Administration)               -         Mr Adedokun, K.B.       -        Deputy Director

Vice Principal (Academic I)                    -         Mr Ololade, A.O.           -        Deputy Director

Vice Principal (Academic II)                   -         Mrs Owolabi, O.A.         -        Deputy Director


The total number of learners in the College now stand at One thousand, eight hundred and sixteen (1,816)

Comprises of Male - 1,129                    Female – 687


          The admission into JSS.I is conducted by National Examination Council through National Common Entrance process.  Shortlisted students are selected through directives of the Federal Ministry of Education, Abuja.

          With the approval of the Federal Ministry of Education, Abuja through request based on vacancies that exists in the College, mid-stream examination is been conducted to fill existing vacancies particularly in JS.2 and SS.I.



The College performance at both WAEC and NECO Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination has improved tremendously.

The last year result is highly improved over those of previous years.


This unit is supervised by the office of Vice Principal Academic.  It is headed by

Mrs O.T. Salisu a trained Guidance counselor.


The College is among the 70 Schools that benefitted from the Universal Basic Education Commission that constructed a befilting library complex for the College. The structure is functioning well serving both staff and learners in the College.

The College has put the Library into use.  The library is stocked with relevant textbooks for the use of both Learners and staff.

The library is headed by Chief Library Officer.


1.       The College overcome the problem of desk and chairs for the learners.  This is made possible through the effort of the current Director/Principal who reached out to old students of different sets, Parents and Teachers Association; who supported the  College with a wide range of wooden desk and chairs which now made learning and  teaching more comfortable to the students.


2.       It is no business as usual in the College for learners and Teachers.  The policy trust of the current management has put all the Staff working in the College system on their toes by complying with the new directives to uplift the status quo of the College.


3.       The dressing mode of the learners is something to write home about now.  The learners now appear neat in their white and green uniform – it is good to behold.


  • In another vein, the meal of the learner has been drastically improved upon.  The learners are of settled mind to their studies.
  • It is worthy to mention that Senior Secondary three class are now more amenable than those of the previous years as a result of the good treatment handling by the College authority.
  • The new management has put in place night sales of snacks to learners in order to prevent scaling of the College perimeter fence at night.  It has been highly effective.
  • Fagging and bullying has become a thing of the past in the College ‘Kudos’ to the current College Management under the able leadership of Mr Morakinyo, O.A., Director/Principal.
  • The open administration of the Director/Principal which could be described as second to none has changed the understanding of the Staff Union because he is very passionate about the welfare of all and sundry in the College.


The United Nations Office of Drug and Crime in partnership with the College  had given training to different groups of Teachers in the College.

 As a result of good performance of the College in exerting the programme, UNODC had given two complete sets of Laptops, Projector equipments and DVD to the College.


The College portal is developed to project the College and her activities of the World Wide Web for easy access by who even is interested in the College affairs.

This also enable Parents/Guardians and Learners to access their result as well as getting current information from the College.

The College portal could be accessed through the following steps.

  1. Go to the school’s website at http         ://fgcogbomoso.com/portal/index.php
  2. Click the “school portal” link.
  3. At the school’s portal,click “login”.
  4. Enter your login details, as provided above.