The main duty of Vice Principal (Academics) centres on the academic activities of a school.

 What is Academic Activities?

Academic activities are these things that fall within the scope of normal curriculum of the school.  It can be classified in two i.e.               

(i)      the curricular activities

(i)      the co-curricular activities

Curricular activities are formal learning experiences in an academic programme while co-curricular activities refers to activities, programmes and learning experiences that complement in some way, what students are learning in school.

1.       ACTIVITIES:

The activities of the office of the Vice-Principal (Academics) – Junior Secondary School are numerous, some of which I will list below:

(i)      Responsible to the Principal

(ii)      Assists the Principals in preparing the annual budget

(iii)     In-charge of the teaching staff in Junior Secondary School;

(iv)     Supervises/monitors the attendance of staff and students at lessons in Junior Secondary School.

(v)      Co-Chairman School Self Evaluation Committee

(vi)     In-charge of the academic staff attendance and movement registers (JSS).

(vii)    Coordinates and supervises all academic activities in conjunction with V.P. (Acad.) Senior Secondary School.

(viii)   Supervises the timetable for Junior Secondary School.

(ix)     Organizes orientation jointly with V.P. (Acad.) Senior Secondary School for both the new staff and students.

(x)      In-charge of all internal and external examinations in Junior Secondary Schools: CA & BECE                   (BasicEducation Certificate Examination).

 -  Evaluates JSS student and maintain CA records

 -  Conducts and supervises all internal examinations in conjuction with V.P. (Acad.) Senior Secondary School

(xi)     Prepares and analyses internal and external examination results for Junior Secondary Schools.

(xii)    Supervises the preparation of statements of results for ex-students and transfer certificates for Junior Secondary Schools;

(xiii)   Recommends teachers for appointment as Form Master/Mistress and supervises their activities in Junior Secondary Classes.

(xiv)   Supervises the officers in-charge of students’ reports and testimonials in Junior Secondary School.

(xv)    Coordinates and supervises the subject and Form Teachers in Junior Secondary classes.

(xvi)   Ensures that the curriculum is strictly adhered to in all subjects in Junior Secondary Schools;

(xvii)  Coordinates, supervises and keeps records of schemes of work, mark books, subject diaries, syllabuses etc in conjunction with V.P. (Acad.) Senior Secondary School.

(xviii)  Prepares the students’ nominal roll for Junior Secondary School.

(xix)   Coordinates and supervises the activities of the Time-table Committee in conjunction with the V.P. Acad. (Senior).

(xx)    Coordinates and supervises the activities of the prep officer in conjunction with V.P.Acad. (Senior).

(xxi)   Coordinates and supervises the Committee under his/her schedule.

(xxii)  General supervision and monitoring of all academic activities of the college and functions in conjunction with other VPs.

(xxiii)  Takes active part in the selection exercise for candidates into JS.I

(xxiv)  Teaches his/her lessons.

(xv)    Any other duties assigned by the Principal.


  • The College enjoyed conducive academic environment which promotes greater learning achievement on the part of the students.
  • Attendance of teachers and students at lesson are encouraging as a result of proper supervision/monitoring techniques put in place by the Vice-Principals Academics and Academic Monitoring Group during teaching learning process in the class.
  • Conduct of mid-stream examination for admission into JS.2 and SS.I
  • Successful conduct of B.E.C.E. Examination for JS.3 students.
  • Conduct of internal tests and examinations (1st, 2nd C.A. and 3rd Term examination.)
  • Preparation of students’ report cards via online.
  • Orientation programmes for the new students, new teachers, new prefects and new corpers anchored by the College Guidance and Counselling Unit.
  • Career Talk for JS.3 students where three professions (Medical Doctor, Lawyer and an Engineer) were invited as resource persons to address the students on choice of their career
  • Extension classes organized for JS students.
  • Desks and chairs were donated by old students of the College for students’ use.
  • The I.C.T e-library donated to the School by Petroleum Trust Development Fund (PTDF) has now been fully utilized by both students and teachers.
  • THE Laptop intervention fast tracked the practical completion time of our students in the last B.E.C.E. Examination.
  • School Self Evaluation exercise was successfully carried out by the Vice Principals (Academics) and Academic Monitoring Group. This eventually leads to great improvement in teaching and learning process in the college.

2016 AND 2017 BECE RESULT:

                    The school presented a total number of 305 students from the analysis of 2016 BECE result, the students’ performance is very good as we had % pass of grade A – P in English Language (100%), Mathematics 94% and other subjects had their own % pass A – P    ranging from 80% - 100%.

                    A total number of 247 students sat for BECE examination in 2017.  The result is not as good as 2016 result.  We had % pass of grade A – P ranging from 73% - 90% and above except for Igbo language which had 46.8%.


          (i)      Ogunsusi, A.O. (Mrs)

          (ii)      Thanni, A.H.O. (Mr)

          (iii)     Adedokun, K.B. (Mr)


                   To be an excellent academic and moral creative centre with a desire to challenge the status quo:  In what we do, how we teach and in the intellectual ambition of the school.


                   To prove a conducive environment for the education of young Nigerians who will understand and contribute meaningfully to the progress of the rapidly changing community, nation and the world by developing essential skills, morals and knowledge.

                   From the foregoing, write-up, academic activities can be regarded as life wire of a school, however it should be given much priority in a school setting.




Ag. Vice principal (Acad. II)